CerMark LMC 6044p Spray Aerosol Can 12 oz- Black

LMC6044P is recommended for creating black marks on glass and ceramic substrates. It makes darker black marks on these substrates than the older LMC12. LMC6044P dries quickly as a dark grey powder-like coat and is easy to wash after marking. The coat can be smudged or wiped off prior to laser marking, however, so LMC6044P should be marked shortly after application.
Shipping Note: This product uses an aerosol can and cannot be shipped via Air Freight. Therefore we cannot provide overnight shipping.  US domestic orders only please.
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Suggesting settings will vary by laser wattage as well as thickness of material, make a grill test to find the correct values

50 watt system
Tile > 100 power/70 speed - 500/600 dpi
Glass > 100 power/55 speed - 500/600 dpi

35 Watt System
Tile > 100 power/50 speed - 500/600 dpi
Glass > 100 power/35 speed - 500/600 dpi

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LMC 6044P