LMM6018. Black Marking Tape -3" X 50 Ft Roll . (LMM6018.LF3)

LMM6018. Is A Self-Adhesive, Paper-Backed Tape Designed With Similar Pigments And Formula As Our Liquid LMM Products. It Works Well On Most Metal Surfaces, Offering A Dry Processing Alternative To Those Not Interested In Or Unable To Work With Wet Products. It Is Also Easier To Use: The Tape Delivery System Insures That A Consistent Layer Of Marking Material Is Present On The Substrate, Entirely Removing The Variables Of Dilution And Coat Thickness.

LMM6018 Is Ferro’s Recommended Product For Marking On Clear Or Colored Anodized Metal. LMM6018 Is Unique Capability Of Marking On Top Of An Anodized Layer, Rather Than Through It, Is A Major Step Forward In Marking Anodized Surfaces. . If You Used That Product Without Success In The Past, We Urge You To Give This Product A Try

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LMM 6018 TDS