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• Formulated to not stain or tarnish sensitive metals such as brass, copper, sterling silver, steel, and others
• Marks created with ULTRA are resistant to strong acids, bases, organic solvents, and extreme heat or cold.
• ULTRA also exhibits good salt spray resistance, scratch resistance, and weathering resistance based on QUV testing.
• Once dry, ULTRA aerosol will not rub off on fingers while handling
 (No works on plastics)

New CerMark Ultra

ULTRA laser marking aerosol makes it ideal for the following applications:
     Awards and Promotional Products :
• Custom marks on metals
• Logos and decorative marking on metal
      Industrial Laser Marking Applications :
• Barcoding
• 2D data matrices
• Product serialization
• Direct part marking
• Text labeling
• Part traceability    




CerMark® ULTRA is a new formula that is produced by Ferro Corporation who has acquired TherMark in February 2015. TherMark had previously created different formulas for their products. For example, we had a formula for stainless steel, another for aluminum, another for copper, another for ceramics, another for glass, etc.  Ferro scientists have created a formula that simplifies our lives since we no longer have a product for each substrate, but now we have one for all of them. This new product is called Ultra which produces a deep black marking on metals. In tests carried out on glass and ceramics, the same results are obtained in terms of the darkness of the black with high quality and precision of the mark.

 It comes in two presentations, a spray that is used directly by spraying the object to be marked with a special valve designed to deliver improved usage. This design eliminates the need to clean the spray system by inverting the can and spraying again after use. And we have the paste, it must be diluted with denatured alcohol in equal parts.  It is specifically formulated to laser mark on such as metals, glass, ceramics, and more, using just one CerMark product.  Ultra will mark at up to 80% faster speed compared to LMM 6000.  The coating will also make marks on stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, tin, copper, nickel, and all-metal types as well as glass, ceramic, stone, slate, and brick. (No Plastics)

ULTRA was formulated as a genuine All-Marking product achieving the best results in the industry.

We are  proud to introduce CerMark ULTRA, the only product required to do everything you need in laser bonding.


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