Marks On Challenging Substrates

CerMark offers several products specially engineered for optimal laser marking of glass and ceramics. These products are scientifically formulated to create a permanent chemical bond to glass or ceramic surfaces.


Marking glass or ceramic with traditional methods is a significant challenge. Current marking methods tend to produce low-contrast gray marks. Chemical etching processes can be time consuming and involve using highly toxic materials. Direct marks with a CO2 laser are made by creating ‘micro-fractures” which frost the glass but can compromise the strength of the substrate.

CerMark’s patented laser marking materials create extremely high quality marks while protecting the glass or ceramic surface from damaging laser energy. The contrast, resolution, and durability of these marks make CerMark materials ideal for these common applications

The visible color of the resulting mark may vary with the material being marked. Some experimentation and adjustment may be appropriate to obtain the highest color quality for the marking situation. Compatible substrates

The process window for creating high quality marks may vary depending on substrate composition and/or thickness, application method, and laser type.

Product Recommendations

All LMC products come as liquid inks which can either be foam brushed or sprayed through an airbrush. Airbrush is preferable as it generates a homogeneous coating over the substrate. These products are ideal for generating high contrast color marks on a variety of glass or ceramic substrates. They work especially well with solid state laser sources.