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Laser Engraver Beam Alignment Tutorial

In all laser marking systems the laser beam is delivered to the substrate through a focusing lens. It is important that the laser beam is correctly focused to make the process work. Some laser systems come with a set of different interchangeable lenses for focusing. Choosing the correct lens for focusing is equally important to achieve high contrast marks. The spot size of the laser beam at the markable substrate directly depends on the focal length of the lens. This in turn directly affects the optimum intensity and speed of marking. In general, shorter focal length lenses generate tighter focuses and require lower intensities and vice versa. Please follow your laser manufacturer’s recommendations and procedures on beam focusing.

You Tube Video demo:
GCC Spirit Laser Engraver Beam Alignment Tutorial

Type Of Laser

The type of laser being used is the primary consideration and the settings between a solid state laser and a CO2 will be entirely different. We recommend a minimum of 30W of power for CO2 lasers, and 10W of power for solid state lasers. Feel free to consult our  "Choosing a Laser section for more information". If all you want to do is practical and small jobs then you need a small low powered machine let say 30 watt with a small 300mm by 600 mm working area. These machines are cheap, desktop, generally light weight in construction and process materials relatively fast and are usually considered disposable after many  years.  Type of hobbyist machine will place you in competition with every body hobbyist within 100 km.  But you are considering a on going business venture that you can market both locally and on the internet, then a larger  industrial machine is required. (Click here

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