Removal Of Excess LMM/LMC Inks

After laser marking, excess TherMark material must be removed. Proper removal of the LMM/LMC material will depend on which substrate you are marking. For example, stainless steel and aluminum can be submerged in water or directly rinsed, but alloys such as raw brass or bronze should not.

If your substrate is not damaged by water, lightly rinse or wipe gently with a wet sponge or brush. If water will have a negative affect on your substrate, a mildly damp cloth like micro-fiber or a chamois is recommended for removal of the excess TherMark material. Chrome or high shine metals may require a softer cloth so as not to scratch the surface.

Removal Of Excess LMM/LMC Inks

Removal Of LMM Marking Tape

To remove LMM6018.LF marking tape from your substrate after laser marking simply peel the remaining tape from the surface. Small remnants of marking material may remain around fine details of your mark. These pieces can be removed by lightly rubbing with a cloth or paper towel. If a slight burned residue is left behind from the paper backing, use a damp cloth to wipe away.

Removal Of LMM Marking Tape

Disposal Of Excess Laser Marking Material

In general, laser marking materials based on the TherMark technology are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and easily disposed of. Please visit our Environmental Impact section for product-specific disposal instructions.


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