LMC series

Typical Marking Settings
LMC-6044 Premium Black Marking ceramic and glass Material
LMC-6098 White Marking
LMC-6061 Black marking: It is non stock product, formulated for special optics applications. It is produced on request

Product Notes: Discontinuation of LMC-6098 White Marking 50g, will no longer offer after 11/30/21.

The LMC Series products are only to use with ceramic and glass . They do not work with metals.

Q. How do I apply the LMC Series products?

LMC Series products must be applied by spraying directly onto the substrate to be marked. LMC Series products cannot be applied by brushing or painting because variations in the coating such as brush marks will translate into variation in the final mark appearance. The LMC Series products are very sensitive to application variation and evenness. Spraying will give you the best results and the most evenly applied coating. We recommend that all CerMark LMC products be applied in a well-ventilated area or spray booth designed to pull air away from user.

Q. How much LMC do I apply?

You should about 3 wet mils of the LMC Series product to substrate surface. This is approximately the thickness of a good coat of house paint. If too little LMC is applied the resulting marks may be light in color or appear washed out or streaky. If too much LMC is applied incomplete bonding or dark marks can result. Always stir or shake the LMC thoroughly before using.

Q. How do I thin the LMC Series products?

The LMC Series products are formulated to use “as is” from the bottle. If thinning is required, the LMC can be thinned with water. Add the water to the LMC and stir or shake thoroughly.

Q. How much water do I need?

Application conditions will determine how much you need to thin the LMC. We recommend a 10 to 1 mix of LMC to water as a starting point. The LMC Series products will thin down very quickly, so be careful to add only small amounts of water as needed to get good spray results. If the LMC is thinned too much you may encounter difficulty spraying without runs, or the mark may appear to be lighter in color than it should.

Q. How do I clean LMC Series products off of the substrate?

The LMC Series products can be cleaned using plain water.

Q. How long will the marks last? How tough are they?

Marks made with LMC are very durable. Physical testing has shown them to be resistant to many common cleaners, soaps and solvents.

Q. How high or thick are the marks?

Marks made with the LMC Series products will be a slightly raised above the surface of the substrate. The LMC marks are generally about

Q. Can I reuse the LMC Series products?

The LMC Series products should not be used if they have dried out. The LMC Series products also should not be reused by washing it off of a part and respraying the washed off material. Reused LMC product will not produce a high quality mark. Performance characteristics will also be affected.

Q. What kind of laser do I need?

The LMC Series products can be used with CO2, YAG, or Fiber laser marking systems.

Q. How much power should I use?

The power settings that the LMC Series products will work best at vary depending on the laser being used. For example, with a 35 watt CO2 laser, marking on ceramics requires the use of 50% power at a write speed of about 20% (8 inches per second). Marking on glass requires 20% power at a write speed of about 10% (4 inches per second) with the same laser. A more powerful laser will be able to make the same mark using less power or writing faster. Your power settings will vary depending on the laser used and the substrate being marked, so some experimentation will be necessary to achieve the best mark.

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