Jorlink / Ferro  facility boasts a dedicated applications engineering lab where we can help you test product and substrate compatibility. Marking different, unknown, or challenging substrates can be difficult for new or even experienced users of TherMark/Cermark  laser marking materials. Rather than leaving the burden on you to figure out which product/s will work and what all the necessary settings are, our applications lab allows our experts to do your experimentation for you, saving time and improving results. We can do testing with either a CO2 or fiber laser. Here is how our process works:

1. Contact us directly  by   to determine if testing in our lab is appropriate.

2. Fill out and submit a form with your main information requesting the laboratory. 

3. Send samples parts for marking in our lab (multiple parts for testing are preferred). 

4. Our engineers work on your project and return marked samples to you (turnaround time is normally less than two weeks) with a comprehensive report on the results and settings used. 

If you have a medium to high volume marking application on a challenging substrate, please contact us at  to get an Applications Lab Request Form and discuss how we can help you find the right CerMark/Thermark solution.