CerMark and Food Contact, Implants, FDA approval

Generally, in the states these applications require FDA approval. We have not filed for U.S. FDA approval on our product. This is because the mark itself would be what needs FDA approval, not the product we supply. With so many different applications that our product is used in, it would not be feasible for us get FDA approval for every application. We do have customers that have obtained FDA approval for markings they have made. Knowing this, we can say that if you need to obtain a similar type of approval, the chances of our markings obtaining approval are probably very good.

We do have customers that have used our product to mark on things like titanium hip replacements that have received approval for these applications and have passed all the tests required to ensure there is no hazard to the body. The tests include things like accelerated heat cycles, abrasion, various levels of acidity and alkalinity and simulated serum and the markings survived with no removal or leaving any residue whatsoever.

With these facts in mind, we can't officially recommend marking items that would come in contact with food....BUT, we would believe that based on testing done by some of our customers that marking with Cermark on food contact items would pose no hazard at all to the end users.

LMM6000 Chemical TestingĀ 

LMM-14 and LMM-6000 come in aerosol which make it easy for you to use to create laser marks on Stainless Steel